I'm a twenty-something urbanite trying to make meaning in a raucous modern ecosystem.

My current little experiment: writing an original haiku every day for one year.


You are a Sunday porch I could do nothing on
and feel like everything was happening. Derrick Brown, excerpt from Waltzing the Hurricane  (via dieworten)

(Source: theoryoflostthings, via dieworten)

Haiku for today, July 11, 2014

Six generations

We lost it all in that time

Death of a culture

Haiku for today, July 10, 2014

Wind tells a story

Our minds don’t get, hearts either

Somewhere in our bones

Haiku for today, July 9, 2014

Struggled to write you

Because you mean so much, but

I am unworthy

Haiku for today, July 8, 2014

Your smile till the end

Will stay with me, Abuela

Para siempre

Haiku for today, July 7, 2014

When I’m not looking

The earth parts and there you go

The whole world trembles

Haiku for today, July 6, 2014

What happens when we

Don’t say hi in the hallways

Eyes dive and not meet?

Haiku for today, July 5, 2014

Time, an illusion

Petals drop and eyes wrinkle

Little else changes

Haiku for today, July 4, 2014

Year ago today

The world crashed on us, nearly

Snuffing out the fire

Haiku for today, July 3, 2014

We’re stifled inside

Hot stale air only few breaths

Taken till the end

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